Church of St. Julius (Chiesa di San Giulio)

Address: Frazione San Giulio, 14015 San Damiano d'Asti AT, Italia

The small Church of St. Julius stands about three kilometers far from the town, along the provincial road to Villanova

It is a Romanesque building that was completely rebuilt in the early nineteenth century, except for the bell tower, by the provost of the Asti cathedral, to which St. Julius was entitled in prebend.

The façade, as De Canis recalled, was rised by taking inspiration from the “German” style of the Duomo, revealing, on the part of the commissioner, a more up-to-date personal taste.

The interior, although simple and essential in its rather recent furnishings, preserves a work of art that is truly unique in the Asti area: it is the precious marble statue of the Holy Virgin with the Child in her arms perhaps executed, according to recent studies, between the late 13th and early 14th centuries for the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin of Asti Cathedral.


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Direzione Didattica di San Damiano d'Asti (ora I.C. San Damiano)

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