Church of S. Giuseppe

Address: Piazza Libertà, 3, 14015 San Damiano d'Asti AT, Italia

Established in 1563, the company of Discipli­nati della Santissima Annunziata, initially founded under the title of the Angels and in the Name of Jesus, decided, a few years later, to rebuild its church on the site that the municipality had granted it, and precisely next to the public clock tower, in today's Piazza Libertà.

The building, later dedicated to San Giuseppe, was renovated again in 1700 and later furnished and frescoed. The dome, surmounted by an octagonal lantern, was raised in 1741 to about 28 meters in height; the exterior was then covered with three-colored tablets, red green and yellow, made of ceramics by a craftsman from Sommariva Bosco.

Pozzo worked there in 1744, painting with great skill some scenes from the Life of Saint Joseph in the dome, the Four parts of the world in the pendentives and the Triumph of the religion over the vault of the high altar.

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