San Damiano d'Asti Foro Boario

Address: Piazza 1275, 7A, 14015 San Damiano d'Asti AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 975056
Fax: 0141 982582
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The multi-purpose San Damiano's Foro Boario, inaugurated on December 16th 2017 following the renovation of the previous building, is composed of several rooms:

- Multi-purpose room on the first floor, suitable for exhibitions, congresses, theaters and exhibitions;

- Equipped kitchen on the first floor;

- Reception / room for a lower number of users on the first floor.

- Municipal library, on the first floor.

The capacity of the first floor room is 208 seats.

The use of the multipurpose room is given priority to public and private bodies, associations, groups, foundations, political parties or groups, armed forces, trade unions and trade unions, schools, companies, research organizations, beneficial bodies, private and others, for uses compatible with the destination of the same.

Local library, as a rule, is not given in concession; it can be used for activities compatible with those of its own.

The main activities that can be carried out are:

- cultural, social and commercial conventions;

- training courses;

- theatrical performances and shows;

- social lunches and dinners;

- recreational and entertainment events;

- exhibitions;

- scholastic essays

- parties and events during the afternoon.

• Request mode

The request for concession must be submitted to the Office of Events of the City of San Damiano d'Asti on special forms, in plain paper.

The request must be accompanied by a brief presentation of the event and must illustrate the timing of the event.

If the use of the kitchen is foreseen, the SCIA must be presented at the Asl premises. On the form you can choose any additional services available to users (cleaning, display grids, etc. ..).

The application must be submitted at least 20 days before the event for the events sponsored by the Municipalities, while at least 10 days before for all the others.

The benefits, rates and exemptions can be consulted on the regulation downloadable from the website

The module for the request of the multi-purpose hall can be collected at the entrance of technical office of the Municipality of San Damiano d'Asti, or request the email:

Foro Boario is located in Piazza 1275, with a large adjacent parking.

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