Sagrinte nen

Address: Via Fassio Domenico, 14015 San Damiano d'Asti AT, Italia

The street art path "Sagrinte nen" created by Giulia Marchiaro of Micromegà.grafiche, Fiammetta Ghiazza, artist, and a group of young people was inaugurated in January 2022 in San Damiano d'Asti, in the charming and ancient village of the Sutè. and girls from San Damiano coordinated by Chiara Mastria.

“A very interesting and particular project that allows to further redevelop a very characteristic district of our city. Our Municipal Administration is very sensitive and attentive to this type of initiatives and projects, which allow, among other things, the involvement, application of young people and the relative awareness ", commented Mayor Davide Migliasso.

Giulia Marchiaro and Fiammetta Ghiazza: “This small urban regeneration project stems from the idea that Street art can, through a gentle and poetic language, create community. A heartfelt thanks to the boys and girls who participated in the realization of Sagrinte nen and to the municipality for supporting us from the beginning. "

"The reason why we supported this project is linked to the desire not to ignore the way children express themselves but to give it value so that they feel an active part of the city in which they live and potential supporters of urban regeneration processes", commented the deputy mayor. Elisa Bolle.

The project is a collective, widespread and inclusive remedy for the “Sagrin”, a term from the Piedmontese dialect which means: worry, sorrow, problem. The main work, created along the sidewalk of Via Fassio, is a 40-meter-long writing with the translations of "Sagrinte nen", in the languages ​​of the communities that inhabit the City of San Damiano: Albanian, Romanian, German, Arabic, Macedonian and English. The alleys of the village are scattered with words associated with shapes and colors that represent some remedies thought up by boys and girls against the "Sagrin".

“The project is part of a broader planning of active citizenship initiatives. Sagrinte nen has brought into play the boys / girls who have not only revalued an area of ​​the city with the language of street art, but have emotionally connoted the public space. It is essential to continue to go in the direction of being an educated community by listening to and involving boys / girls and boys / girls so that they can feel the City of San Damiano their own, living it and taking care of it ", explains Martina Guelfo.

“We are very satisfied with the result and the relevance of the topic dealt with. Because "sagrinte nen" is the mantra we need to leave psychologically unscathed from this pandemic and we should all take a cue from the "remedies" against the troubles recommended by the boys ”, concludes Elisa Bolle.

You just have to take a stroll in the Borgo dei Sutè to stop worrying and discover another suggestive part of the city of San Damiano d'Asti.

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